The members of Longy’s faculty are your teachers. But they are also leaders in the musical world, mentors and advisors who will usher you through your time at Longy and into the professional world. Whether you hope to gig, teach, or sit as a member of a professional orchestra, our small classes and expert faculty create a tailored experience for each student at Longy.

Alphabetical listing

Peter Aldins, music theory
Marielisa Alvarez, teacher education
Mariesther Alvarez, teacher education
Adriana Ausch, Dalcroze Eurhythmics
Anne Azéma, Early Music topics classes
Catherine Belcher, Master of Arts in Teaching program, Los Angeles
Evan Bennett, Composition and Theory
Aline Benoit, Teaching Artist Program, mental skills, performance issues

Leo Blanco, ensembles and improvisation
Laura Bossert, violin, viola
Paul Brust, composition and theory
Dave Bryant, Modern American Music, ensembles

Phoebe Carrai, Baroque cello
Peter Cassino, Modern American Music, piano, improvisation, ensembles

Olivia Cheever, Feldenkrais® Method
Wayman Chin, Dean, piano, chamber music, collaborative piano

Jonathan Cohler, clarinet
Linda Cutting, music history and interdisciplinary studies
Pamela Dellal, voice, diction
Libor Dudas, early music, music history and interdisciplinary studies, voice

Steven Emery, trumpet
Peter Evans, music theory, Modern American Music, literature and materials

Jeff Galindo, Modern American Music, trombone

Bob Gullotti, Modern American Music, drums

Stephen Hammer, Baroque oboe
Jane Hershey, viola da gamba
Hugh Hinton, piano
Robert Honeysucker, opera, voice
Greg Hopkins, Modern American Music, trumpet

Eiko Ishizuka, Dalcroze Eurhythmics
Isaiah Jackson, music history and interdisciplinary studies

Bruce Kiesling, Master of Arts in Teaching program, Los Angeles
Terry King, cello
Ndindi Kitonga, Master of Arts in Teaching program, Los Angeles
Charlie Kohlhase, Modern American Music, ensembles

Andrew Kozar, trumpet
Mark Lakirovich, violin, viola

Ginny Latts, Dalcroze Eurhythmics
Laurie Lausche, Master of Arts in Teaching program, Los Angeles
Sonja Lindblad, recorder
Na'ama Lion, Baroque flute
John Lockwood, Modern American Music, bass

Elizabeth Lurie, Dalcroze Eurhythmics

Dana Maiben, Baroque Violin
Paula Majerfeld, viola, violin
Richard Mannoia, Teaching Artist Program, Cambridge
Geoffrey McDonald, Music Director, Longy Conservatory Orchestra
Thomas Meglioranza, Visiting Artist in Voice
Robert Merfeld, piano, collaborative piano

Nando Michelin, ensembles
Jesse Mills, violin
Juan Felipe Molano, Master of Arts in Teaching program, Los Angeles
Brian Moll, collaborative piano, piano, voice

Laurie Monahan, early music, voice

Vivian Montgomery, harpsichord
Jorge Montilla, clarinet
Adrian Morejon, bassoon
Joe Morris, Modern American Music, guitar

John Morrison, composition and theory
Stephen Mucher, Master of Arts in Teaching program, Los Angeles
Marco Natoli, Italian (visiting faculty)
Karen Oosterbaan, Alexander Technique
Lisa Parker, Dalcroze Eurhythmics
Myran Parker-Brass, Teaching Artist Program
Ken Pierce, early music, period dance
Kenneth Radnofsky, saxophone
Jean Rife, French horn, natural horn, yoga

Will Riley, guitar
Logan Robertson, Master of Arts in Teaching program, Los Angeles
Donna Roll, opera
Andrew Schwartz, Baroque bassoon
Ben Schwendener, Modern American Music, theory

Timo Shanko, Modern American Music, saxophone
Robert Sheena, oboe, English horn
Jorge Soto, Sistema Side by Side
Stan Strickland, Modern American Music, saxophone, flute

Jane Struss, music history and interdisciplinary studies

Anne Trout, Baroque bass, violone

Melissa Tucker, Dalcroze Eurhythmics
Ryan Turner, voice
Jeremy Van Buskirk, music theory
, composition, electronic music
Steve Venz, Master of Arts in Teaching program, Los Angeles
Adrienne Walzer, Master of Arts in Teaching program, Los Angeles
Michael Wayne, clarinet
Jayne West, voice
Noriko Yasuda, opera, collaborative piano
Esther Ning Yau, collaborative piano
Sylvie Zakarian, Modern American Music, percussion

Mark Zaleski, Modern American Music, saxophone
Karen Zorn, piano